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Rehearsal Studios

Hours for rehearsing: M-F 10am-2am
                                     SAT 1pm-2am
                                    SUN 1pm-11pm


To make a reservation or if you have any questions please call us at 323.666.ROCK or email us at

  7 more great reasons why it's the best way to go...

1)    You won't have to clean up after everyone leaves like the beer spilled all over your carpet, not that we want that  happening here either.

2)    Easy parking in a lit private lot with an access ramp

3)    Have T.P. and soap in a clean bathroom

4)    Won't be bothering your neighbors or pets

5)    Located next door to bars, restaurants, coffee shop, wine bar/store and market.

6)    Get away from that nagging old man or lady (unless they play here too!)

7)   All this so you can have fun, play, hang  out with friends, drink and even meet someone new(who might end up replacing someone in your current lineup)        

If interested in recording at The Hit Joint, click here Record at The Hit Joint.