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We're in Silver Lake at:  2380 Glendale blvd. Los Angeles 90039. Map us or call  3 2 3 . 6 6 6 . R O C K (7625)

Here at The Hit Joint Recording & Rehearsal Studios we offer a wide variety of skills, gear and knowledge that any demanding musician or artist could appreciate and would require.
  Our rehearsal studios are acoustically treated, air conditioned and fully backlined rooms priced by the hour. They are clean and well flavored. See the rehearsal link for more details.

When you're ready to record, The Hit Joint has all the space and toys you would need to find the sound you're looking for (or accidentally find another you like better). We have isolation booths, great engineers and if interested, producers. To find out more, click on the recording link.

If that's not enough, we offer cd packaging, band merch, accessories, strings, drinks etc.

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